RAILCAP E - Nano Edge Series 4 Farad Molex Lightning Capacitor

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The Massive Audio “Rail CAP E” was designed for all Nano EDGE high performance Amplifiers. With Massive Audio's "Direct Plug & Perform" technology this powerful 4 Farad Capacitor with back lit Massive logo simply plugs directly into a dedicated docking port found on the end cap of the EDGE amplifier. The Rail CAP E is then automatically connected directly to the amplifiers internal power supply. When needed on demand (within milliseconds) the Rail CAP E will charge & discharge lighting fast power that will help stabilize the amplifiers power supply improve overall performance.

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  • Can you run multiple amps to one railcap? I am in the process of building a large motorcycle stereo that would benefit from having capacitors to assist the charging system. The system will consist of 3 Massive BLX 48's running around 14 speakers and a extra battery. Currently using the second battery to shed the power draw on the system however if i can also wire the capacitor up to multiple amps it would help allot. Any help or info that you could provide would be greatly appreciated

    Since the railcaps are connected directly to the output stage capacitor bank on the PCB it is always recommended to use one per amp.

  • What are the dimensions?

    5" Wide (with mounting feet) x 6" Long x 2" high