UW-1 - Amplifier Hi-Level Speaker Lead to RCA Adapter + Dummy Resistors

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The Massive Audio UW-1 universal RCA adapter is used to activate the ATO (auto turn on) feature in all Blade, Blade BP, Edge, Nano BLU, Nano BLU-M Marine and the DBX4 amplifiers.

Each UW-1 has two male RCA plugs with short high grade braided cables that are pre-stripped to form bare (+) & (-) connections. These bare wires then can be attached to any O.E.M. speaker outputs from a factory radio and plugged into any of the amps listed above. They will take any factory speaker outputs up to 10V and can be inserted into the amps RCA inputs. This will activate the ATO feature by sensing the radios DC Off Set eliminating the need for a 12V turn on lead. The 12V turn on lead is converted into a switched 12V out to turn on any additional products.   

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  • What are the resistors for and how are they used. The item did not come with instructions.

    The resistors are used on an install "IF" the car (newer models) needs a dummy load to fool the amp into thinking it has a load. Make sure that you have resistors connected across the speaker output wires of the head-unit. Some cars can “Sense” if the speaker is connected to the head-unit or absent. For this reason, “Dummy Load” resistors maybe needed in order to “Trick” the head-unit into “Thinking” that the speaker is present, thus allowing for audio output.    

  • With the uw-1, which directions to the resistors go. I need to know which color goes towards rca plug

    Please see this link for more details on the wiring of the UW1 - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0658/1297/files/UW-1_ATO_Mod.pdf?9486431719534864815