ZK6 - 6.5" 200 Watts RMS Component Kit Speakers

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Warm Deep Bass, Powerful “Rim Smacking” Midrange and Silky Smooth Highs best describes the Massive Audio ZK 6 Series Component speakers. Right from the start it’s 25mm Silk Dome Ferro Fluid cooled tweeters, solid cast powder coated aluminum baskets holding Nomex Spiders bonded to a Woven Fiber Paper Cone that’s surrounded by smooth Butyl Rubber lets you know you are in for ride of your life! All this technology can be powered with up to 400 Watts due to high powered Y40 Magnets and all ZK 6 drivers are controlled by High Powered Completion Grade 12 dB Crossovers. With all that performance I’ll “Z” You at the Finish Line!”


  • Custom Cast Aluminum Basket With Thick Powder Coating
  • High-Energy Y40 Magnets Assures Sufficient Magnet Force Needed For High Sensitivity And Accurate Sound Reproduction
  • Two Piece Custom Paintable Metal Grills
  • Woven Fiber Coating Paper Cone With Butyl Rubber Surround
  • High Quality Nomex Spider
  • 1.25” High Temperature KSV Voice Coil
  • 25mm Silk Diaphragm Tweeter With Ferro Fluid Cooled V.C.
  • Custom Competition Grade 12 dB Crossover With MASSIVE Logo (Kit)


Speaker Size 6.5"
Tweeter 25mm Silk
Sensitivity 93 dB
Frequency 50-20KHz
RMS Power 200w
Max Power 400W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Crossover Point 2.5K
Basket Cast Aluminum
Depth 2.56"


Ask a Question
  • Can I connect it to amplifier rated 200W RMS per channel? Will it burn on full power?

      Yes, that would not be a problem. You just need to adjust the gains to make sure you do not overpower the speakers. More power = less distortion when the gains are lower so that is always preferred when possible. We suggest setting the amp gain to 0 and head unit to 75%. Then slowly sweep the gains until you hear any distortion and then turn it down a little from there. You never want to run an amplifer at full gain no matter what speakers you have. 75% is the most we suggest for gain on any amplifer.  

  • Is the rms per speaker or per pair?

    Per speaker.