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Massive Audio is developing prototype amplifiers!

Massive Audio is developing prototype amplifiers for next spring designed to work exclusively with electric vehicles (EVs).

New Massive Audio EV Nano, EV4, EV1 and EV2 amplifiers will lack power supplies, as they can draw current and voltage directly from the lithium-ion battery banks in EVs, said the company. These amplifiers are mainly output sections that will not require limiting and expensive filtering, as the voice coils on speakers can often be used as the final filters, said Massive Audio Vice President JR Mares.

In traditional Class D amplifiers, you have limited bandwidth, limited signal to noise ratios, lots of noise and a much lower damping factor, due to the need for lots of filtration on the amplifier’s outputs, he said.

High speed digital amplifiers, on the other hand, are switching at super-fast speeds, at much higher frequencies. They require very little output filtration and thus have superior performance and sound quality characteristics,” he explained.

Massive Audio EV amplifiers would tie into the EVs’ battery banks and wouldn’t need additional long wire runs like in traditional higher power systems, said Mares.

TESLAS, for example use 400 – 450-volt battery banks currently and TESLA is working on vehicles with even higher voltages. “Our challenge is identifying the correct way to safely tap directly into the battery banks on TESLA EVs and several other EV and hybrid vehicles,” Mares said.

Massive Audio expects to travel with a demo EV and the EV amplifier prototypes throughout California in April/May.  Then in June/July, it plans to compete with these amps in audio competitions to prove the concept. Shortly after, Massive Audio will offer a commercial aftermarket product.

The EV amplifier might cost half as much as a comparable model, since it lacks a power supply, output filters and it uses less heat sink material, Mares added.

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