Massive Audio, Weatherproof, Trident Series Amplifiers And Ultra Efficient Neo PNX And HNX Series Of Loudspeakers

Massive Audio, Weatherproof, Trident Series Amplifiers And Ultra Efficient Neo PNX And HNX Series Of Loudspeakers

MASSIVE AUDIO, Commerce, CA: Massive Audio,Weatherproof, Trident Series Amplifiers And Ultra Efficient Neo PNX And HNX Series Of Loudspeakers-- Gives You More Performance, More Precision, More Value. Simply Put, More Loud Music--Not Loud Noise. 

Massive Audio Weatherproof, Pro Audio PNX65, PNX69 and Ultra shallow, HNX6were built for a new generation of sound. Pro audio speakers are more popular in car audio with the increased bit depth and bit rate available in music now. 16-bit, 24 bit and even 32 bit is becoming more available.  Making traditional Motorcycle/ATV/UTV/Marine audio gear obsolete for it cannot reproduce all the amount of content. The higher the bit depth, the more music tones are available at the same time, thus having more content in the signal produces: More Realistic Sound, More Music and More Precise Imagining. The faster bit rate sampling adds to the detail, clarity, and precision of music reproduction.

Massive Audio High Speed Trident series of amplifiers take advantage of the new technology and advancements in music reproduction.  Products built to not just be loud but faithfully reproduce the nuances, detail and loudness that is now available in HD recordings.  To not only make you feel the music but help activate the rest of our senses. To experience music as intended live. 

Massive Audio PNX, HNX loudspeakers and Trident Series Amplifiers are made to reproduce live music 16/24/32 bit not just limited recorded music. Like tube amplifiers, most class d amplifiers use big filters on the outputs that limit the low end and high-end frequency response. Massive Audio Trident amplifiers have a high switching frequency, switching well over the four hundred Kilohertz range, twenty times that of a traditional Class D. A 20 to 1 ratio between the switching frequency of the pulse in traditional class d. 400,000 x 20 is how fast it’s switching utilizing almost no filtering.  Most class d amplifiers switch at 100,000 Kilohertz per second which is not much above 20,000 Kilohertz audible range at a 5 to 1 while our Trident series designs are at a 20 to 1 with more content and more bandwidth.

We do not make our customers, or the end user pay for our marketing, we offer authentic sustainable pricing. We give our customers and our end users: More Performance, More Value. More Loud Music--Not Loud Noise. Looking for a few select dealers and have unique programs to make sure our partners are profitable. If you want to make a difference in the future of Car audio, contact our Sales Department.

Hernando Mares,,  714) 507-8026 (Hablo Espanol) 

John Velez,,   626) 523 8954  (Hablo Espanol) 

Ben June,,   708) 717 0175 (No Habla Espanol, lol) 

More information will be posted on our website soon Come visit us at SEMA booth # 10142

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