Massive Releases New Full Range Nano Edge Amplifiers

Massive Releases New Full Range Nano Edge Amplifiers
Massive Releases New Full Range Nano Edge Amplifiers

Massive Audio, of SoCal USA, a leader in the 12 Volt Audio industry for 21 years, is excited to announce the release of three new Nano Edge Amplifiers! The king of the hill is the new EX4R. This new Massive Audio EDGE Series Amplifier is a Full Range Multi-Channel Class AB Amplifier capable of up to 1200 Watts X 4 RMS depending on system configuration. The EX4R features a wide range of crossover adjustments Included is an X10 switch, allowing the Massive Audio EX4R to be programmed as either high pass or low pass using 3K Hz adjustable steps Up or Down or if desired as a Band Pass crossover combining a high and low pass filter. This flexibility optimizes it for use with raw drivers to allow more output control.

Our inclusion of the differential input switch allows for twisted pair or single end RCA connections to eliminate all noise that can occur from different source units or due to difficult installations. Further inspection reveals our tried & true “N” drive MOSFET power supplies that ensure high performance for either casual listening or competition grade SQ systems. The EX4R includes many cutting-edge features like RCA inputs capable of processing RCA or Speaker levels signals up to 10 Volts! This built in OEM line converter eliminates the need for an additional component, reduces cost and is found in every “EDGE” Amplifier. The EX4R uses a DC off set music sensing system to activate the Auto Turn-On Circuit.

Not to be outshined the new E3F and E4F are remarkable high powered mini sized Class D super-efficient amplifiers that stay cool while delivering a full range of frequencies into a 1 Ohm load for Subwoofers, Mid-Range and Full Range Speakers. RCA inputs take low level RCA or high-level direct speaker leads at up to 10 Volts in! This built in money saving OEM line converter is found in every “EDGE” model, and every Nano Edge model uses a DC off set music sensing system to activate the ATO (Auto Turn On). They feature variable LOW PASS, HIGH PASS and FULL RANGE crossovers for ultimate system flexibility. Stable at 1 Ohm with a high quality Class D PCB layout, selective Bass Boost EQ for fine tuning, soft delay remote turn on/off circuit that eliminates pops and clicks. Differential input switching and clip lights are also present on these two amplifiers.


  • Built-In OEM Line Converter
  • Clip Light Indicator
  • Differential Input Switch to Eliminate Noise
  • X1 / X10 Crossover Switching (EX4R)
  • Versatile Full Range Class D Technology
  • High Power in Extremely Small Heat Sink
  • Mil Spec Double Sided PCB with SMD Parts
  • Full Mosfet with High Grade Switching Devices
  • Regulated Power Supply & Dual Output Voltage
  • Built-in Auto Sensing Turn-on via Hi-Input
  • 12v Remote Output for External Devices
  • 0~12dB Variable Bass Boost (E3F, E4F)
  • Next Gen Advanced 5 Way Protection




EX4R ~ $799.99

E3F ~ 694.99

E4F ~ $519.99

RMS Power @ 1 Ohm


1500w x 1

2000w x 1

RMS Power @ 2 Ohm

1,200w x 4

1000w x 1

1400w x 1

RMS Power @ 4 Ohm

800w x 4

370w x 1

500w x 1

PEAK Power

1,600w x 4

3000w x 1

4000w x 1

Bridged RMS 

2,400w x 2 @ 4 Ohm



Min Impedance

2 Ohm Stereo

1 Ohm Mono

1 Ohm Mono

Freq. Response

20Hz ~ 30KHz

10Hz ~ 220Hz

10Hz ~ 220Hz


14.09 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.1 (in)

5.82 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.1 (in)

8.58 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.1 (in)



For B2B sales inquiries our national sales manager Chuck Kenny can be reached at: 214-587-7603 

For general information please contact Massive Audio at 323-262-2262 or visit our Website:  


About Massive Audio

Since 1999 Massive Audio® has been an industry leader in high performance audio products. Massive Audio laid its roots in high quality audio reproduction through in-house engineering and a dedication to customer satisfaction. In today’s industry, aftermarket products need to excel not only in their ability to reproduce the dynamics of music accurately, but also their ability to integrate within the confines of the modern environment. In anticipation of such needs, Massive Audio has introduced an array of outstanding products designed for the enthusiast who will accept no compromise, yet recognizes true value.


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