Massive Audio Slamology recap

Massive Audio Slamology recap

We would like to thank all Team Massive Audio members for helping promote the Massive Audio brand at Slamology 2022. Special thanks to Jeremy and the “Pimpala” posting over 161 dB with HippoXL 8” beating cars with 12” and 15” woofers in the lanes.  Also a special shout out goes to Cabe Sipes of, Pimp My Ride fame, for building the Hyundai SUV to show off Massive Audios sound quality capabilities. Many commented that it was the best sounding car at Slamology.  Cabe was told by show officials, that if the SUV would have had upgraded rims and a body kit it would have taken 1st place and not 5th place at the show out of 74 cars that entered.


Massive Audio is doing all it can to not raise prices to support their customers. Massive Audio has held its pricing for the last three years unlike most other brands that have recently raised their pricing, two to three times, in the last year or so. Massive Audio is a supporter of authentic pricing and helping its’ customers out in times of need.

Slamology recap





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