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Massive Hires Vice President of Sales & Marketing / MAP Enforcement

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Commerce, California: Massive Audio is pleased to announce the addition of Hernando (JR) Mares as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over thirty years of experience in ODM/OEM and branded sales at ACTC/ Hollywood Sound Labs, SJA/Atomic, US AMPS/ RE audio and Deccon/H&N Brothers, JR Mares is an ideal candidate to improve Massive Audio’s positioning to meet increasing demand. He will be instrumental in leading Massive Audio’s development activities, and marketing while ensuring distributors, representatives and retailers have access to actionable new insights.


“I am thrilled to be part of the ‘Massive Audio Revolution’, lead business efforts and extend the team to better serve our representatives, distributors, and customers.” I had previously served customers and competed against Massive Audio for many years. I noticed the product do very well in the competition lanes. Their designs had noteworthy features, although like many OEM/ODM companies, they were focused on manufacturing instead of marketing and lacked emphasize on product intricacies or properly explaining innovative characteristics. After having heard many good things about the products, people and that the company was embracing change, I was delighted to join the team.


Massive Audio has many new and exciting changes happening starting in March. Serial number tracking, new call to action ads, and the hiring of Map Cops to better control and enforce pricing on the web which will ensure our brick-and-mortar customers are profitable with the Massive Audio line. We will also launch Free giveaway programs each month to increase brand awareness and allow us to gather and send leads to our retailers. Also, by promoting the additional 9-Month Pro Install warranty and 30-day over the counter exchange that dealers can offer to customers, we will show our dedication to being all-in on driving business to our brick and mortar partners.


Shipments are arriving regularly; we are almost at capacity so now more than ever is a great time to Get Massive!


Massive Audio Dealers that want to be included in the dealer locator please contact / Encourage customers to Enter To Win free products at / Hablamos Espanol


For B2B sales inquiries our Vice President of Sales and Marketing; JR Mares can be reached at: 323-262-2262 or

For general information please contact Massive Audio at 323-262-2262 or visit our website:


About Massive Audio

Since 1999 Massive Audio® has been an industry leader in high performance audio products. Massive Audio laid its roots in high quality audio reproduction through in-house engineering and a dedication to customer satisfaction. In today’s industry, aftermarket products need to excel not only in their ability to reproduce the dynamics of music accurately, but also their ability to integrate within the confines of the modern environment. In anticipation of such needs, Massive Audio has introduced an array of outstanding products designed for the enthusiast who will accept no compromise, yet recognizes true value.


Massive Audio Press Contact Jeremy Larsson

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