Massive Introduces Six Channel PX6 PRIMO SERIES Amplifiers

Six Channel PX6 primo Series amplifiers

The Massive Audio PRIMO Series PX6 is a 6 channel Amplifier that easily delivers up to 180 Watts RMS to each of 6 Channels @ 2Ω and 130 Watts @ 4Ω. All PRIMO series amps use Mil Spec PCBs with Surface Mount Devices.

Inside you will discover full MOSFET high grade switching devices and only top quality 1% resistors, caps, connectors complete the "no compromise design”. You can be assured your investment will last as a result of our 5-way protection circuitry and LED Clipping Indicators for front & rear. Our built-in OEM Line Converter enables installation of this Amplifier in any system as a result of its input sensitivity adjustable up to 10V RMS with our Auto Turn On circuit and there’s a 12 Volt remote output for external 12 Volt devices. Adding to its street cred is its compliance with the Consumer Technology Association’s CTA 2006 Standards for Car Audio Amplifiers. Not only does it comply; it outperforms its standard rating. I.C.P. (In Car Performance) is the main design goal. 

Outside you will be impressed with its polished CNC machined aviation grade 6061 aluminum fin-less heat sink housing a blue back lit logo. glowing radiantly in blue, announcing to the world you’re in possession of PRIMO equipment. The end caps feature a 2 / 4 / 6 Channel Input Selector and individual adjustments for level and crossover frequency there are Clip LED Indicators For All 6 Channels Multiple Channel Selector for HPF / LPF and a 0 – 12 dB variable Bass Boost on the 5 & 6 channels. Additionally, the PX6 supports a "Docking Port" to plug in an optional custom matching 4 Farad Railcap Booster (RCP)


  • Extreme Power in a Small Footprint
  • Clip LED Indicators for All 6 Channels
  • 2 / 4 / 6 Channel Input Selector
  • Multiple Channel Selector for HPF / LPF
  • Low Distortion Full Band Width for Sound Quality Tuning
  • Mil Spec Double Sided PCB design with SMD parts
  • Tiffany Style Nickel plated RCA's 
  • Full MOSFET with High Grade switching devices
  • Built-in Auto Sensing turn on function with LED Indicator (Hi-Inputs)
  • 12V Remote Output for External Devices (Hi-Inputs)
  • 0~12dB Variable Bass Boost for Channels 5/6
  • Next Generation Advanced 5 Way Protection Circuitry
  • Illuminated Logo
  • Designed and Engineered in U.S.A.
  • CTA 2006 Standard Compliant 

 Six Channel PX6 PRIMO SERIES Amplifiers



MAP $599.99

2 Ohm RMS

180w x 6

4 Ohm RMS

130w x 6

4 Ohm Bridged

350w x 3

Input Level

0.4 ~ 10V (High or Low)

Freq. Response

25Hz ~ 45kHz

Low Pass Freq.

30Hz ~ 400Hz


30Hz ~ 400Hz

THD at 4 Ohm Load 30% Rated Power


S/N Ratio


Bass Boost

0 ~ 12dB

Minimum Load

2 Ohm


11.81 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 1.9 (in)


For B2B sales inquiries our national sales manager Chuck Kenney can be reached at: 214-587-7603 

For general information please contact Massive Audio at 323-262-2262 or visit our Website:  


About Massive Audio

Since 1999 Massive Audio® has been an industry leader in high performance audio products. Massive Audio laid its roots in high quality audio reproduction through in-house engineering and a dedication to customer satisfaction. In today’s industry, aftermarket products need to excel not only in their ability to reproduce the dynamics of music accurately, but also their ability to integrate within the confines of the modern environment. In anticipation of such needs, Massive Audio has introduced an array of outstanding products designed for the enthusiast who will accept no compromise, yet recognizes true value.

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