HI-LOW - 2 Channel Hi-Low to RCA Converter

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Convert your factory radio system with any Massive Audio amplifier with this precision made Hi2Lo converter. This near perfect OEM "plug and play" line converter takes any speaker level stereo signal from any source and converts it to a perfect dual 4.5 Volt line level, low distortion RCA output! There are no adjustments or settings to mess with. Everything is automatic, including a AUTO MUSIC SENSING TURN-ON feature and REMOTE OUT! This "plug and play" Hi2Lo converter is ideal for adding a subwoofer to your personal ride or a lease car without giving up factory features like steering wheel radio controls, navigation and hands free phone use. To add a subwoofer system to any car just tap into the left & right (+) (-) terminals marked on any rear deck factory speaker set with the supplied Molex connector. Plug it into the Hi2Lo. Run an RCA cable into any Massive Audio amplifier with any Massive subwoofer(s). Adjust the amp gain controls and you"re done!


  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Compact Housing
  • Ground Noise Isolation
  • Balanced Left/Right Matched Inputs
  • Music Signal Sensing Turn On
  • Remote 12 Volt External Turn On
  • Dual L/R Balanced 4.5 Outputs
  • Small Design for Easy Mounting
  • Ideal For Adding After Market Equipment Without Giving Up Factory Features


Ask a Question
  • What is the correct wiring? Which are positive/negative? Is the yellow wire the constant and red the amp turn on?

    Please see the user guide at this link or by going to the MANUALS TAB for a instruction guide on how to best wire the Hi-LOW https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0658/1297/files/Hi-Low_Mono_Amp_Manual.pdf?17920491769837481052 

  • Loc doesn't shut my amp off right away, loud bass humm until it decides to turn off. Can be minutes of obnoxious bass

    when using auto Hi/Lo on the amp &
    if you have signal input feed on the amp

    --when cutting off power, the amp will stay on until the reserve power in the capacitors is drained. 

    --When using auto Hi/Low without the 12V remote ON, the amp will turn off when no signal input