BASSPRO - OEM Digital Bass Restoration Processor

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The MASSIVE BASSPRO, a bass frequency digital processor. This unique product is based on an advanced DSP technology, which extends the perceived bass frequency response below the physical low frequency cut off in an audio system. It is based upon psycho-acoustic effects. The key processor includes an advanced digital optimized DSP, sigma delta Analog-Digital Converter and Digital-Analog Converter with high quality analog circuitry. You will enjoy how great the BASSPRO will make your bass deeper and stronger.

  • Bass frequency digital processor
  • Extend bass frequency response below physical low-frequency cut-off
  • Processor includes advanced DSP
  • Sigma delta ADC
  • DAC and high quality analog circuitry
  • Adjust the bass enhancer and threshold with ease
  • Perfect for I-Pod lovers who want there Bass Back!
  • Adjustable input and output level
  • Left and right RCA in/out
  • LED clipped signal indicator
  • Dimensions: