EX5 - 120 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 Ohm + 800 Watts @ 1 Ohm 5-CH Amplifier

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All NEW 8 “EDGE” Series Amplifiers use famous Nano Block Military speck circuit board and “N” drive MOSFET power supplies to insure performance but they now have several new cutting edge features like RCA inputs that can take RCA or Speaker levels at up to 10 Volts in! This built in money saving OEM line converter is found in every model “EDGE” and every model uses a DC off set music sensing system to activate the ATO (Auto Turn On) Other new precision audio features found in all mono models include, an adjustable 1 band parametric EQ with up to 12 Db bass boost, a switchable 12V Out terminal, and crossovers adjustments a X10 switch which means that “EDGE” can be programmed as a high pass or a low pass at 3K Hz adjustable Up or Down or even Band Passed enabling the use with raw drivers for more output control.

Remember: Massive Audio “EDGE” is Very Sharp and should be played with caution

“We Were Born Massive……. But We’re Still Growing!”


  • Built-In OEM Line Converter
  • High Power in Extremely Small Heat Sink
  • Mil Spec Double Sided PCB with SMD Parts
  • Built-in Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • Full Mosfet with High Grade Switching Devices
  • Hybrid 4Ch Class AB & 1Ch Class D
  • CTA-2006 Compliant
  • Built-in Auto Sensing Turn-on via Hi-Input
  • 12v Remote Output for External Devices
  • 0~12dB Variable Bass Boost
  • Next Gen Advanced 5 Way Protection
  • MCU Power Management (EX46/ EX48)



RMS Power @ 4/1 Ohm 120w x 4 + 800w x 1
PEAK Power 480w x 2 + 1600w x 1
RMS @ 2 Ohms 240w x 4 + 400w
Bridged RMS @ 4 Ohm 480w x 2 + 200w
Min Impedance 2 Ohm x 4 + 1 Ohm x 1
Min Ohm Bridged 4 Ohm
THD <0.05% @ 4 Ohm
S/N >89 dB
Input Level 0.4~10V (Hi Inputs or Low Inputs)
Freq. Response 20Hz - 25KHz
Dimensions 15 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.1 (in)
Bass Remote UR1 (Optional)

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  • I've heard of CEA 2006 Certification but not CTA 2006. Can you explain the difference. Kinda seems like you might be trying fool people . Not saying you are doing that but I am curious about why your stuff says CTA.

    CEA changed their name to CTA last year. Please see link below for CTA-2006


  • Question about the high level inputs "at the RCA input jacks". Do you supply special connectors to be used in that case with the purchase of the amp? Also, how to connect high level inputs to the Sub channel or is it done internally through front/rear channels. I am considering connections to a stock head unit such as in a 2016 Silverado.

    The EX5 amplifiers can use the UW-1 (https://www.massiveaudio.com/collections/oem-intergration/products/uw-1-universal-rca-adapter) high level to RCA cables (with ATO and dummy resistors for newer cars) and that would do what you are looking to do for a stock radio install on a newer vehicle. 

  • Are your amps still overrated where they don’t put out the power that it claims? I have one of your older 5 channel amps and a lot of claims are saying that all your amps are highly overrated.

     All Massive Audio Amps are CTA 2006 performance certified.   

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