G4 - 4 AWG Full Wire Kit Silver Tinned 100% O2 Free Pure Copper

Sale price$ 99.99

Protect your investment! G Series Premium "Hook Up"s" are the Massive Audio solution to eliminating the weak link. Massive Audio wiring kits greatly simplify the process of installing your amplifier by providing everything you need right in one kit. Unlike most manufacturers we supply all the necessary wire, fuses and terminals in one package. All Massive wire is comprised of Oxygen Free Pure Copper Cable (No Mixed Metal or CCA) and the signal cables use custom molded RCA plugs insuring the highest conductivity. The G8 & G4 supply all necessary power wiring accessories for competition-quality installation of a single amplifier, including a fuse holder and remote turn-on wire.

  • 100% Pure Oxygen Free Copper
  • Flexible silver tinned wires
  • Optimum power & signal flow for cooler amplifier operation
  • 2 Channel OFC pair directional signal cables
  • Custom molded RCA interconnect
  • Fuse holder
  • Shrink-wrapped protective mesh
  • High end heavy gauge speaker wires
Power Cable 4 AWG - 16 Ft
Ground Cable 4 AWG - 3 Ft
Speaker Cable 16 AWG - 20 Ft
Signal Cable RCA Pair - 17 Ft
Fuse Holder 80 Amp Inline Maxi
Wire Material 100% Copper