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H1000 - 1050 Watt RMS @ 1 Ohm Mono Block Hippo Series Amplifier

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The Hippo Series High-Performance Amplifiers are the perfect match to our Hippo Series Subwoofers! 

For a new generation of sound, ultra-efficient, compact design with Massive Audio’s exclusive Massive Core design that adds tons of headroom for clean, undistorted pure sound. The Massive Core power supply with oversized toroids/ transformers delivers plenty of current to drive even the most demanding woofers and speakers. Top-quality parts and construction throughout ensure years of reliable, trouble-free service. Four-layered circuit boards, with surface-mount computer-assembled parts that are tested as they are placed on the board, help optimize the signal paths and minimize the need for point-to-point wiring while keeping the board temperature even for more predictable operations.

Despite their impressive output power, the Hippo amplifiers are not only subwoofer amplifiers. Thanks to an extended frequency response range of up to 40 kHz and an architecture that has been meticulously designed for the ultimate sound quality. One problem that amplifier designers encounter is thermal runaway, which impacts an amplifier's reliability and performance. Transistors used as output devices for audio amplifiers, are directly affected by temperature and voltage fluctuations. HIPPO amplifiers' transistors employ thermal sensing so that bias and heat are adjusted in real-time. This eliminates the thermal lag often encountered in conventional designs.

Select HIPPO amplifiers use a hybrid system of cooling, utilizing both convection cooling, with cool air coming from below, and active cooling using a state-of-the-art fan. This hybrid system makes the design exponentially more efficient. With the heat sinks constantly keeping amplifiers cool, the fans will normally operate at their lower, quieter speed, most of the time.

An optional Remote Gain control (UR1) is available for purchase.

  • Input Sensitivity Low Level: 400mV RMA ~ 8V RMS
  • High-Power Massive Core Torrid with Heavy Gauge Winding
  • Built-In (ATO) Auto Sensing Turn-On Function (Hi-Low Converter)
  • Digital Voltage LED Display with PWR, CLIP & PROTECT Indicators 
  • True Full Range 24 Bit / 32 Bit Compatible
  • Parametric Bass Boost and Bandpass X-over with 24db Subsonic Filter
  • 12V Remote Output for External Devices (Hi-Inputs)
  • Auto High Low Up to 400 watts (40 volts), Auto Current Sensing
  • Pro Audio High-Speed Processor Chip Set
  • 4-Sided PCB with Sandwiched Double Sided Copper Ground Plains
  • Heavy Duty Power Supply
  • Computer Tested Surface Mount Components
  • Illuminated Logo
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Heat Sink
  • Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.
  • Low Distortion Full Band Width for Sound Quality Tuning
  • 7-way Sentinel Digital Protections Circuitry
  • Extreme Power in a Small Footprint
  • CTA 2006 Standard Compliant 
  • Full Range High-Efficiency Digital Class Design
RMS @ 1 Ohm 1050w x 1
PEAK Power 2000w x 1
RMS @ 2 Ohms 710w x 1
Bridged RMS n/a
Min Impedance 1 Ohm
Min Ohm Bridged n/a
THD @ 4 Ohm <0.5%
S/N 95dB
Recommended Fuse 60 Amp
Max RCA Voltage 8v
Freq. Response 10Hz - 20KHz
Dimensions 6.3 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.17 (in)
Bass Remote Optional (UR1 Gain Remote Knob)