MMA104- 10" 500 Watts RMS Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer

Sale price$ 104.99

Are you new to upgrading your audio install and want to get a lot of bass performance?  Are you planning on bassing on a budget, or just want to add some great bass to your ride while still getting a lot for your money?  The Massive Audio MMA104 is much more than an “entry” level sub and should be on your list if you're falling into any of those categories.  Accurate bass production, modest power needs, affordable price, all in one subwoofer.

The audio world is filled with entry level subs, or even 500 watt rated subs, so we went above and beyond to put the MMA104 at the front of the pack.  Once glance at the MMA104, and you can tell it is much more than an entry level sub.  At a healthy power rating of 500 watts, the MMA104 can take some power, but doesn’t need it, due to a very efficient design and lightweight cone and former.  As one of our best sounding subs we make, it is a great choice for the sound quality crowd.  Ok, so what sets the Massive Audio MMA104 well above the average?  Quality parts, and precision design are the main reasons why the MMA104 will give you all the bang for your buck you would ever need in this power class.  

We gave the MMA104 a laminated paper cone, for not just smooth looks, but very accurate sound all the way down into the 35hz area.  The standard red stitching through the cone into the surround gives the MMA104 a durable design and appearance.  Speaking of looks, the custom stamped, with side venting, basket really gives the MMA104 a sweet touch.  Using a 2” EISV voice coil, wrapped on an aluminum former, inside a strong motor, will keep the notes accurate so that you will never miss a note.  Woven leads into the poly cotton spider, make sure you have no mechanical noise to affect your music.

Our MMA104 was always meant to stand out in the entry level sub world, not just in looks, but in performance, and value.  We wanted the MMA104 to be the gateway into MASSIVE bass for a tiny price, and that's exactly what we achieved .

Enclosure suggestions:

  • Sealed: 0.9 cubes after displacement (0.05)
  • Ported: 1.25  cubes after displacement, @ 37hz, 18 square inches of port area
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Basket with Industrial Texture Painting
  • High Flux Y30 Strontium Ferrite Magnet
  • High Impedance Aluminum Former With EISV Voice Coil
  • Poly Cotton Spider with Woven Round Tinsel Leads
  • Laminated Paper Cone with Pressed Foam Surround
  • Round Shape PP Vacuum Dust Cap
  • 8mm Top Plate
Size 10"
Watts 1000
RMS 500
Cone Laminated Paper
Voice Coil 2" Dual 4 Ohm
Surround Pressed Foam
Magnet High Flux Y30 Strontium Ferrite
Terminals 4 way Spades
Basket Heavy Gauge Steel
Tinsel Leads Woven Round
X-Max 10mm
SPL 88.3 dB
FS 37.5 Hz
Ported Box 13"H x 14"D x 13"W / 7.07 sq. in. Port Area
Sealed Box 1.28 ft3