RCA 3 - 3 Foot Blue Translucent Twisted Pair RCA Cable Connectors

Sale price$ 14.99

Massive Audio directional RCA Cables deliver excellent sound quality and true channel separation. Manufactured with audiophiles in mind with high-grade performance and rugged durability. These RCA's will enhance the audio quality of your sound system by providing low distortion and true noise rejection without costing at an amazing value. 

The RCA3 is 3 feet of serious cable and provide high performance, low distortion signal transfer while the translucent twisted pair O2 Free conductors provide audiophile sound quality. The flexible blue protective jacket, and compact connectors allow for easy installation. 

  • Oxygen Free, 100% Pure Copper, Silver Tined Wire
  • Translucent Twisted Pair
  • Optimum Power & Signal Flow 
  • Flexible Blue Protective Jacket
  • Foamed-polyethylene insulation
  • Noise Dissipation System 
  • Machined, Nickel-Plated contacts offer superior connection integrity
  • Provides maximum corrosion resistance
Cable Length 3 Feet
Diameter 5+5mm
Strand Count .12 x 20 x 2 (x2)
Color Blue
Wire Material Translucent Twisted Pair