HIPPOXL152 - 15" 2000 Watts RMS Dual 2 Ohm 3" V.C. Mega Subwoofer

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Want “Big Bottom Bass?” Well when Massive Audio designed the “HIPPO XL” Series Subwoofers we had one thing we wanted out of the design. A subwoofer with a “Big Bottom.” The improved HIPPO “XL” subwoofers have changed the herd and wants being heard! The upgraded 2K RMS CEA2031 Certified “HIPPO 122 “XL” & 152 “XL” now use 350 Oz high energy double stacked Strontium magnets bolted to a custom milled over-sized back plate. This design helps lower heat buildup in the dual 2 Ohm Black Anodized 3” VC Formers which are using space age Kevlar Spunlace for extra strength! Kevlar Fiber reinforced Non-Pressed Paper Cones that have been stitched in “Red” into the over-sized surrounds. The bonded to dual Poly Nomex Spiders carry the stitched hard wired high voltage tinsels leads that are hard wired to pure 10 gauge copper speaker wire. The Massive Audio Hippo 122 “XL” & 152 “XL” Extra: “BIG BOTTOM”


  • Heavy Duty, Rugged Industrial Textured Cast Aluminum Basket
  • 350oz High Energy Double Stack Strontium Magnet Structure
  • Dual Impedance Black Anodized Voice Coil Former with Kevlar Spunlace
  • Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Industrial Textured Finish
  • Red Stitched Edge to the Cone’s Edge for Added Strength
  • Over Sized Mirror Image Dual Poly / Nomex Spiders
  • Black Anodized One Piece Pole-Plate for Added Motor Force
  • Heavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection to Voice Coils
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Woven Dust cap for High Power Applications
  • Custom Tooled Rubber Gasket and Magnet Boot


Size 15"
Peak Watts 4000
RMS Watts 2000
Cone Non-Pressed Paper
Voice Coil 3" Dual 2 Ohm
Surround Tall and Narrow Foam
Magnet 350oz Strontium
Terminals Heavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection
Basket Cast Aluminum
Tinsel Leads Heavy Duty Triple
X-Max 17.5mm
SPL 96.5 dB
Ported Box 18"H x 18"D x 16"W (Round Port  34" x 10")
Sealed Box 3 ft3

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  • How do you run the speaker wires. You bridge them or run 4 wires out to amp?

    It all depends on the amplifier and how your final impedance will be. Most people tie both POS together and both NEG together for a 1 ohm final load for a single woofer. 

  • How bout if you have 2 152s an a 1 channel mono block.how do you wire them if your amp stable at 1 ohm???

    You would only be able to wire a pair of dual 2 ohm speakers at a 0.5 or 2 ohm final load. So if you have a 1 ohm stable amplifier you would not be using 100% of the power. This amplifier would be best suited for 1 dual 2 ohm woofer however there is nothing wrong with running a final 2 ohm load as the amp will thank you for not pushing at its lowest impedance. Your best option is to use a 2 ohm mono amplifier like our BP4000, BP6000 or BP8000 for example.