HIPPOXL152 - 15" 2000 Watts RMS Dual 2 Ohm 3" V.C. Mega Subwoofer

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There is an obvious reason the HippoXL15 is one of our all time best selling 15” subwoofers. It is overbuilt and it shows.  How can something be called MEGA and XL?  All you have to do is pick up the HippoXL15 just once, and see for yourself why it is classified as a MEGA subwoofer.  At Massive Audio, when we design a subwoofer, we start with a performance goal.  Every time we surpass that goal with the end result.  The goal for the entire HippoXL subwoofer line up is to make the best high all-around, high output subwoofer for musical installs.  

Grab a hold of a HippoXL15 and you can see the extent as to how far overboard we went with the design of the subwoofer.  Not just your average high output subwoofer, but one of power and precision that can produce clean and accurate low notes in all kinds of installs and all kinds of music. At the heart of HippoXL15 is a stout 3” coil that can take plenty of heat and power from the most demanding installs.  The voice coil is wrapped on an anodized aluminum former, for strength and weight savings, and we loaded up with triple heavy duty leads.  We even added Kevlar spunlace for additional durability under extended use.  Rated for 2000 watts to stay ahead of the pack in its class.

We mated an oversized, high strength, double stack 350oz motor to control that oversized voice coil.  To help with all that power and heat, is a vented back plate and basket, to keep the bass cool for years to come.  On the face of things, the HippoXL15 has a Kevlar Fiber reinforced, non-pressed paper cone, which provides a natural tone and great cone rigidity for clean bass notes.  Keeping that sweet cone in check is up to the dual Nomex spiders that we have in a mirrored stack, as well as a high roll surround.  Addressing rigidity between the moving cone and the motor itself, is a strong, but lightweight, cast basket.

For those who care about the show as well as the go, there is red stitching to increase cone-to-surround connection strength.  The cast aluminum basket has a great textured finish, and the front and center dust cap is a fiberglass woven showpiece that can take a hammering.  To make wiring up easy and power flow to the coil, we have heavy gauge direct leads pre-installed.

In the end, what makes the HippoXL15 such a big hit, is how well all the precision parts come together to work as a musical subwoofer for those who need premium performance.  For those high output installs, where you really want to hit the low notes, Massive HippoXL15 is a killer   The Massive Audio HippoXL15 should be at the top of your list when it comes to a well made, superior designed & priced, competition level 15” subwoofer.

Enclosure suggestions:

Sealed: 2.4 cubes after displacement (0.175)        Ported: 2.8  cubes after displacement, @ 36hz, 42 square inches of port area


  • Heavy Duty, Rugged Industrial Textured Cast Aluminum Basket
  • 350oz High Energy Double Stack Strontium Magnet Structure
  • Dual Impedance Black Anodized Voice Coil Former with Kevlar Spunlace
  • Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Industrial Textured Finish
  • Red Stitched Edge to the Cone’s Edge for Added Strength
  • Over Sized Mirror Image Dual Poly / Nomex Spiders
  • Black Anodized One Piece Pole-Plate for Added Motor Force
  • Heavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection to Voice Coils
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Woven Dust cap for High Power Applications
  • Custom Tooled Rubber Gasket and Magnet Boot

*T/S Parameters on website supersede user manual specifications

Size 15"
Peak Watts 4000
RMS Watts 2000
Cone Non-Pressed Paper
Voice Coil 3" Dual 2 Ohm
Surround Tall and Narrow Foam
Magnet 350oz Strontium
Terminals Heavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection
Basket Cast Aluminum
Tinsel Leads Heavy Duty Triple
X-Max 17.5 mm
SPL 96.5 dB
Ported Box 17.8"H x 16.6"D x 17.8"W (Round Port 9.4" x 8.6") Internal      
Sealed Box 2.77 ft3 Internal
Fs 38.34 Hz
Re 3.6 Ohms
Le 8.46 mH
BL 27.84 Tm
Qms 5.15
Qes 0.8
Qts .511
Vas 31.25L
Cms 0.034 mm/N
Mms 506.7g
Sd 804 sq cm
Vd 1.77L


*T/S Parameters on website supersede user manual specifications